Washlets are the new HD TV

Really? YES, really.

With ever increasing expectations from discerning hotel visitors for their accommodation to be as technologically advanced as possible, but still aesthetically pleasing, a trend of beautifully designed but functional gadgets is rearing it’s previously taboo head.

In the name of Simplexity, (see previous post) we need to be thinking about technology solutions which can be discreetly added into the most simplistic of hotel interiors – visitors want to feel like they are in an exclusive, high end hotel whose technological appliances cater to their needs without intruding into the room’s aesthetics, not like they are at the helm of NASA HQ.

TOTO Washlet low res

The solution? Washlets. With the trend of automated technology hitting living areas first, the bathroom has been somewhat left behind, until now. With their hygienic benefits, strikingly designed profiles, and a washing solution like never before, the Japanese originated washlet is on the up. Add to this the environmental benefits of E-Water, tornado flushing systems, and a sensor operated lid which lifts on approach, and we have the ultimate in bathroom tech – A functional piece of technology which also manages to be both aesthetically pleasing, and endlessly impressive to clients.

Not convinced yet? Take a closer look at the newly opened Rosewood Suites, and you will find washlets from Sleep 2014 exhibitor TOTO gracing the bathroom walls of this renowned project.

TOTO Washlet at the Rosewood, Courtesy of Gareth Gardner

We caught up with TOTO’s Specification and Projects Manager, Floyd Case, to take a closer look at the Washlet, and why they really could be the future of the hotel bathroom…

Brand Biography:

TOTO has been developing, producing and marketing its comprehensive high-end bathroom concept for the European market since 2009, with an emphasis on combining convenience and eco-friendly Clean Technology. Innovations and technology are the Japanese company’s central values.

Washlets image

Product Name: CF

Best Feature: Hygienic Tornado Flushing system

Unusual feature: Washlet Technology incorporates a unique wand that allows water to be used for personal cleaning

Most innovative aspect: energy and water saving functions.

Best used in… Any home or hotel where luxury and personal wellbeing is paramount.

Designers would say… satisfies the need to achieve highest level of comfort , luxury and ease of use.

TOTO at the Rosewood, Courtesy of Gareth Gardner

What are the main issues involved with being specified into hotels?

Well travelled guests staying at fine hotels expect an absolute minimum of the same or indeed, higher room specification than they can enjoy in their own homes.  For example, large plasma TV’s used to be exclusive, now not so much.

What is the biggest challenge in your work?

We focus on a personal and informative approach to business, avoiding blanket marketing and gloss to communicate. The trade-off, we are relatively small team in the UK so our biggest challenge is keeping up with demand, a great challenge to have!

TOTO Washlet Actilight

What brings you to Sleep this year?

I have personally visited Sleep for several years and always found it an informative event. This is our first year exhibiting so, more importantly it’s the first year for TOTO to attend, so very exciting for us all of us involved. We are particularly looking forward to the networking opportunities and increased chance of meeting industry specifiers in person to showcase TOTO’s USP’s.

What does the future hold for TOTO?

Since TOTO first launched into Europe in 2009, the business has developed at an amazing rate, we are looking forward to many positive years ahead and a continued growth in Hospitality and other market sectors.

So, are washlets the next must have hotel bathroom appliance? You tell us!