Sleep Set 2014: The Final Judgement

This year’s Sleep Set saw the competition ramp up with four innovatively designed entries from four very different studios. From cardboard prototypes to all out luxurious product placement, and with everything in between, this year’s judges definitely had their work cut out when it came to the final judgement.

Crowds gathered at Stilt Trapoli’s Royale Agricultural Bar at Sleep on Wednesday the 26th of November to hear the announcement of the winner, after viewing all four Sleep Set entries:

Room 1: NoChintz
2Z9C1170smallRoom 2: Dreimeta
2Z9C1376smallRoom 3: Nigel Coates Studio
2Z9C1410smallRoom 4: SKM Design
2Z9C1414smallSo, without any further adieu (or waffling from us), we are excited to announce that the winner of the Sleep Set 2014 is…
2Z9C2496smallA huge congratulations to the winners from us at Between Our Sheets, as well as to all of the studios for their amazing entries! Keep an eye out for an announcement about the Sleep Set 2015 launch, coming very soon….